Justice for Farmworkers and Immigrants

It is a moral disgrace and outrage that our fellow human beings are living in fear in the shadows. Many of our undocumented residents risk their lives to work in our fields, cook in our restaurants, and clean our homes and offices. These jobs are extremely difficult and essential to making our economy work.

It is shocking that in California in 2019, many farmworkers who pick our food cannot afford to buy food, largely because they can just barely scrape up rent.

Worse yet, they are afraid to go to the food bank or use food stamps because of fear of deportation. When problems arise at their workplaces, they are powerless to speak let alone organize.

My grandfather worked in brutal labor conditions in the 1940s, but he did not live in constant fear of deportation. I will work to terminate ICE, an agency created by the George W. Bush administration, that at best is not needed and at worst has made life miserable for our neighbors.

We must pass a quick path to citizenship for our undocumented immigrants now so they can live without fear and pursue a better life for themselves and their children, a privilege we so often take for granted.