Medicare for All

We must enact Medicare for All to give us the comprehensive health care coverage we need. Medicare for All will let you choose your doctor and specialist and cut out the wasteful private insurance industry that profits from denying our claims. It’s time to stop bankrupting families with medical bills! Medicare is one of our federal government’s most popular programs because it works and gives our seniors the care they need. It is time we strengthen it, improve it, and offer it to people of all ages.

Some of the best advantages of a Medicare for All system include:

  • Patients would have their choice of health care providers.
  • All medically necessary services would be covered, including doctor’s visits, hospitalization, preventive care, long-term care, mental health, reproductive health, dental, vision, medical supplies, and prescription drugs.
  • The new system would create jobs and it would be an economic stimulus for small businesses which would no longer be responsible to pay for private employee health insurance.
  • Medicare for All would enable the professional clinical judgment of doctors and nurses to be the basis of health care decisions.
  • Individuals and employers would no longer be responsible for paying premiums, deductibles, and copays.
  • Seniors would immediately benefit from more comprehensive coverage in Medicare, which would be improved to cover dental, vision, prescription drugs, and long-term care services. Seniors would no longer need supplemental insurance to cover aspects of their health care.
  • Medicare for All would make health care a universal right, and health care would no longer be tied to employment. As a result, no person living in the United States would have to worry about losing their health care when they change jobs.

It is wrong for politicians to take private health insurance money, especially when they then tell us that Medicare for All isn’t politically feasible! Even Richard Nixon was in favor of universal single payer health care. It’s time for the Democratic party to unite to fight for Medicare for All for the people.