Education and Tuition-Free College

We must invest in education so that all people have an opportunity to realize their potential and contribute to our society.

I strongly support tuition-free public college, which allowed my grandfather to rise from poverty to attend UC Berkeley and become a scientist and my mother to become a bilingual school teacher. Too many of us today are still paying off loans that compromise our ability to pursue the career we love.

It is time we make education a top priority, which also means ensuring teachers are paid well. Here in our district we have teachers who can barely afford housing prices in our district, threatening our area with a shortage of teachers. This is all the reason why we must bring back federal dollars to create real affordable housing.

When it comes to K-12 education it is time we rethink all of the standardized testing that the system imposes on our teachers and school districts. Too many tests compromise quality education and often does not account for inequalities in our society that present unique challenges in the classroom. We must work with teachers to reform this system so that our children succeed.

It is very concerning that we have hunger problems in our schools and colleges here in our district. We must fully fund and increase our investments in meal programs to ensure students of all ages are getting the nutrition they need.

Finally it is time we fully fund arts education programs in our schools. As someone who grew up studying the violin, I know how important arts and music can be for developing confidence, discipline, friendships, and creativity in young people. Often arts education is the first thing that gets cut and that comes at a huge disservice to our children.

I support a ban on for-profit charter schools and support requiring existing charter schools to comply with the same transparency and accountability rules that public schools do.