Local & Global Solutions for Our Climate Crisis

Climate change and global warming threaten to end life as we know it. The short-term local consequences are real and frightening: water shortages, fires, crop failure, and warm ocean temperatures that could drastically impact marine life in beautiful Monterey Bay.

In 2018 my aunt and uncle lost their home and two cats in the Camp fire that ravaged Northern California. A deadly fire is a very real and major threat in our district as we saw in Big Sur over the last decade.

The only way to prevent a total ecological collapse is to decrease the level of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere by rapidly transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy. As your Congress member I will champion and build support for a national plan to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. To start, we must ban fracking everywhere now. I’m proud to have worked with many of you to pass Measures J and Z, which banned fracking in San Benito and Monterey County.

I strongly support the Green New Deal plan introduced by Senator Sanders which would get us to 100% renewable energy by 2030. The plan wisely promotes public ownership of utilities, something badly needed in Northern California where we have experienced the repeated failures of PG&E.

The plan boldly calls for creating millions of new union jobs and ensuring that displaced fossil fuel workers are compensated fairly. These jobs are critical towards building local clean energy grids that will clean our air and allow us to mitigate the threat of power shutoffs during fire season.

The plan also addresses the need to move from factory farming to sustainable agriculture to help store carbon and protect our water supply.

As part of the Green New Deal we must invest in public transportation. Traffic in our district has gotten terrible. Every day Highways 1, 17, 25, 68, 101, 152, and 156 become clogged for hours, resulting in lost time, stress, and more pollution. We must invest in clean, rapid transit and embrace smart planning in our region.

Legislative proposals that call for 2050 timelines fall woefully short of what’s required to solve the crisis. This inadequate approach is not supported by science. Big oil itself is actually promoting carbon taxes because it would rather pay for its pollution rather than be forced to stop spewing it into our air. We cannot rely on market mechanisms to solve this urgent crisis. We need a real plan.

We must enact a Green New Deal now so that our children, grandchildren and grandchildren’s grandchildren have a chance to live a healthy, productive life on our planet.