February 21, 2020

Adam Bolaños Scow Debates Republican Jeff Gorman. Where was Jimmy?

Last night Adam debated Republican candidate Jeff Gorman at the Sunrise Movement’s Congressional Climate Debate in Santa Cruz. Panetta did not show up (note the empty seat), preferring to hide behind his corporate-funded advertisements and mailers.

Adam illustrated a clear difference between his platform and the other candidates. He favors a mandate to get to 100% renewable electricity by 2030, a national ban on fracking, and a transition to sustainable agriculture.

Gorman isn’t concerned about fossil fuel extraction, while Panetta’s climate bill actually subsidizes oil companies and factory farms to pipe their methane gas to the coast. The climate crisis is growing much faster than scientists had anticipated, and Panetta’s polluter-friendly 2050 solution is too little, too late. Don’t forget most of his money comes from Corporate PACs.


January 26, 2020

What’s the Difference Between Adam Bolaños Scow and Jimmy Panetta?

Did you know that 75% of Jimmy Panetta’s donations have come from corporations? All of Adam’s financial support comes directly from people like you and me. Just like Bernie Sanders and a new wave of progressives like AOC in Congress, he accepts no corporate donations. That is the first big step in getting the corrupting influence of Corporate America out of our politics.

Download the Adam v Jimmy chart and find out how they differ on climate, affordability, foreign policy and military spending, and taxation.

January 14, 2020

Public Water Now Endorses Adam Bolaños Scow for Congress and Announces Monterey Peninsula Townhall with Adam

Monterey, CA – The Board of Directors of Public Water Now (PWN), the local organization who has led the fight for public water on the Monterey Peninsula, voted last week to endorse Adam Bolaños Scow for Congress in District 20. They also announced that they will be sponsoring a Townhall for Adam on January 28, 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 490 Aguajito Road in Carmel.

“The board was very impressed with his track record of engagement with the public water campaign on the Peninsula over the last decade,” said Melodie Chrislock, Director of Public Water Now. “That made our choice an easy one. Adam is the only congressional candidate who has fought for ratepayers on the Peninsula and he will continue to be our advocate in Congress.”

On Tuesday night the public will have an opportunity to meet Adam and hear his vision for solving the affordability and climate crises right here on the Central Coast and across the Country. You’ll find out where he stands on a wide variety ofother local and national issues and how his approach differs from incumbent Jimmy Panetta.

December 18, 2019

Adam Bolaños Scow Interviewed on KSQD’s Talk of the Bay

Santa Cruz – Len Beyea, host of KSQD’s Talk of the Bay conducted a wide ranging interview with Adam Bolaños Scow, candidate for Congress in the 20th Congressional District. Scow discussed his affinity for the region and deep roots. His grandfather was a bracero farmworker in Watsonville in the 40’s and eventually immigrated with his wife and children. He explores the affordability and climate crises we currently face, both of which he considers the highest priority for the residents of the 20th District and the country. Listen to the full length audio recording below.

December 16, 2019

Protect Monterey County Endorses Adam Bolaños Scow for Congress

Salinas, CA — Today Protect Monterey County, the grassroots organization that led the passage of Measure Z to ban fracking in Monterey County, announced that the Board of Directors has voted unanimously to endorse Adam Bolaños Scow for Congress.

Measure Z was passed by the voters of Monterey County in November 2016 to prohibit fracking, wastewater injection and new oil wells in Monterey County. Measure Z passed with a 57% majority despite the oil industry spending $5.5 million to defeat the measure. As the former California Director for Food & Water Watch, Adam was a key leader in securing the victory. Adam was also a leader in banning fracking in Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties in 2014.

Adam Bolaños Scow’s record and platform demonstrates he will be a champion to help solve a worsening climate crisis that threatens human survival.

By contrast incumbent Jimmy Panetta failed to support Measure Z and refuses to reject contributions from fossil fuel corporations. Adam’s campaign is entirely funded by real people and he will not accept any contributions from corporate Political Action Committees.

Statement by Dr. Laura Solorio, President of Protect Monterey County:

“Protect Monterey County strongly endorses Adam Bolaños Scow to be our next member of Congress. We need a Representative who will champion bold legislation to solve the growing climate crisis. Adam supports a Green New Deal with a national plan to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy and a national ban on fracking. The plan is essential to overcoming the climate crisis and would create millions of jobs to reduce economic inequality. We cannot afford to settle for half-measures that will not stop a climate disaster that is unfolding before our very eyes.”

December 13, 2019

Adam Bolaños Scow Supports Raise for UC Santa Cruz Graduate Students

Santa Cruz — UCSC graduate students are on strike to demand a Cost of Living Adjustment to allow them to afford housing and food. This request is supported by the Santa Cruz Faculty Association and comes in the midst of a housing crisis that is affecting people throughout the region.

“I strongly support a Cost of Living Adjustment for UC Santa Cruz graduate students,” said Adam Bolanos Scow, Candidate for Congress in the 20th District. “Santa Cruz County is one of the least affordable counties in the nation because of the astronomically high cost of living. For too long graduate students have been underpaid in California and I commend the students for taking action.

We have a serious housing crisis in our district that requires major changes in federal policy. In order to solve the affordability crisis, Congress must pass a suite of solutions starting with a massive investment in the affordable housing trust fund, alongside Medicare for All to stop families from going bankrupt with medical bills.

Meanwhile this week the incumbent and Congress voted to increase military spending by $22 billion per year to give President Trump a “space force” department. As a Member of Congress solving the affordability crisis will be one my top priorities.”

December 11, 2019

Adam Bolaños Scow Criticizes Democratic Deals with Trump on Trade & Military Expansion

Watsonville, CA — Today Adam Bolaños Scow, Environmental Advocate and Candidate for Congress, criticized two deals made by Congressional Democrats and Republicans that are being heralded as a victory for President Trump.

The first would increase military spending via the National Defense Authorization Act by $22 billion per year to a total of $738 billion per year. This bill creates a new “Space Force” department and comes at a time when Trump is slashing Food Stamps budgets and other social programs.

The second deal would update the NAFTA trade deal, now called the US Mexico Canada Agreement, but offers no real protections for the environment while an existential climate crisis gets worse every day. The transfer of fracked gas, tar sands oil, and the absence of binding commitments to reduce emissions, are among the biggest issues that are being questioned in the new deal. While 110 Congress members recently signed a letter demanding climate protections in the USMCA, Jimmy Panetta did not sign the letter.

Statement from Adam Bolaños Scow:

“These deals show we have too many Democrats in Congress who are willing to make bad deals with the Republicans and Trump. On the same week that they serve articles of impeachment, Congressional Democrats are handing President Trump two legislative victories that come at the expense of taxpayers and our environment. At a time when housing costs and pollution are rising to record high levels, Congressional Democrats are poised to increase military spending and the weaponization of space.

Voters should be wary when corporate funded Democrats and Republicans agree on legislation. This approach, championed by incumbent Jimmy Panetta, leads to deals that exclude the bold solutions our country needs to overcome the climate and affordability crises. Unlike the incumbent, I will not take a dime of corporate money. Once in Congress I will fight to reduce the military budget and enact bold climate policy so we can have a healthy future for our children and grandchildren.”